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Podcast collection

Ericsson’s Digital Services has launched a podcast series in partnership with Dez Blanchfield called, Transmissions from Tomorrow. Co-founder and host of the series, Dez Blanchfield, offers listeners unlimited access to the people on the pulse of change at Ericsson, and serves up the latest trends, insights and predictions for the future of digital services providers.

Different Ericsson subject matter experts have been invited to be guests of the podcast show, sponsored by Ericsson Digital Services with host Dez Blanchfield, B2B Strategist & Practitioner who works in key rapid growth markets such as Telecoms & Mobile, Data Science, AI, Cyber Security, IoT, Blockchain, Banking, Finance, Transport, Health and Smart Cities.

The show tackles everything that you need to become a digital service provider, while discussing and dissecting trends on the market today and the likely technology shifts in the next 12-18 months.

The series discusses topics as diverse as “how to best virtualize your network” to the projected “growth in mobile broadband usage”. From “what’s next after edge computing” to the “automation of 5G cloud native applications.” So why not grab a set of headphones and join the conversation – get up close to the sharp minds inside Ericsson, leading the next wave of digital transformation.