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In focus

New: Ericsson Technology Review Magazine

Featuring in-depth articles on the augmentation of human intelligence, cognitive technologies and more.

Webinar: The 5G consumer business case

An economic study of enhanced mobile broadband. Join our exclusive webinar Oct 2.


Mixed reality technology – fast track toward sustainable urbanization

How mixed reality technology enhances urban planning.

5 tech trends that are transforming the world as we know it

Our CTO Erik Ekudden presents upcoming technology trends.

Are you at the forefront of current and future architecture?

Good architecture powers the most innovative platform for the telecom ecosystem.

Explore Ericsson future architecture


Bringing the promise of 5G closer to reality

Watch Ericsson and Qualcomm complete 3GPP-compliant 5G data call on 39 GHz.


Internet of things

Let's take on IoT together

We believe in collaborating, using our end-to-end capabilities and expertise to help you along the way – or the entire way.



New approach to design security

As the threat landscape evolves, here's how we help you detect, respond and stop attacks before damage is caused.