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Eight dimensions to consider for realizing IoT strategies

Our new report, Realizing IoT strategies, shares exclusive insights from leading communications service providers’ (CSPs) 5G and IoT strategies and identifies ways to achieve new capabilities and monetize new services.

CSPs are uniquely placed to ride the 5G and IoT growth wave. This report provides three in-depth case studies that capture the current state of strategy execution in this space. We present an eight-dimension framework that ensures a holistic strategy execution, ways to monetize data, and approaches to tap into both cross-industry and vertical-specific opportunities.

With the sheer volume of data generated by the Internet of Things, CSPs are in an excellent position to become high-value data players in the fast-growing information supply chain. Unique to this report are the four data monetization tactics identified for CSPs. Whatever paths they choose for realizing IoT success, CSPs will need to overcome gaps in capabilities and mitigate risk through savvy partnerships or embracing an ecosystem model to go to market.

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