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We support businesses to transform and to capture new opportunities with data that can be trusted. This transformation is possible by adopting cloud and breaking the silos, creating wider ecosystems and providing innovative business models. Our cloud-based applications can be either virtualized offerings sold traditionally or applications realized on a cloud infrastructure (public or private). Applications can also be offered as-a-Service from Ericsson.

Networks – the operator telecom cloud

In the operator telecom cloud, transformation with new virtualized network functions enables speed, efficiency and service innovation. Examples of such virtualized functions are Evolved Packet Core and IMS. Also in the Radio Access Domain, virtualization is happening. For example, functions can be moved to the edge of the mobile network to improve coordination of radio features and allow for deployment of also other functionality that normally resides higher up in the network, e.g IoT functions.

IT and cloud

For operators’ private IT clouds, we provide a number of solutions. Managed Cloud Enablement Services is an infrastructure as-a-service offering. We also provide specific services such as Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) as-a-service and Billing as-a-service. These are run on behalf of the operator and in effect mean a complete or partial change of the operational model.

In addition, Ericsson provides a range of cloud-based offerings that operators can resell to quickly create new offerings sold as-a-service. Some examples are: Enterprise Mobility ManagementVirtual Enterprise Gateway, Managed Enterprise Cloud and Managed Cloud Enablement services. We also enable operators to set up their own infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service offerings.

Cloud-based offerings for the media industry

In TV and Media, the cloud approach is being applied to many - if not all - aspects of processing functions that span meta data, user interfaces, management and video-specific processing.

Cloud and virtualization approaches and technology will underpin the majority of media processes and business platforms to deliver the agility in experiences, efficiency of operations and infrastructure and enable the transition to software-defined workflows, processing and business models.

Ericsson’s cloud-based offerings within media are:

Cloud and other industries

Ericsson has developed a number of industry-specific cloud solutions, which combine industry applications, service enablement, connectivity management, consulting, systems integration and managed operations services.

  • Connected Vehicle Cloud – connects vehicles and their occupants with services and information from various service and content providers, including the automotive manufacturer.
  • Maritime ICT Cloud – connects vessels at sea with shore-based operations and service providers to, for example, manage fleets, monitor engines and fuel consumption, oversee routes and navigation, integrates documentation and information flows into port operations, and ensure the well-being of crew.
  • Connected traffic cloud – supports road authorities to have improved visibility of traffic conditions by integrating data from authorities own sources as well as from connected cars, internet feeds and potentially other sources, and allows more precise communication to drivers via timely and relevant information delivery into cars.