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Stories from our customers

Swap to a smarter network

Ericsson is working worldwide to modernize and future-proof mobile networks for better user experiences, by providing seamless network changes.

Massive MIMO brings high-speed mobile internet to football fans

Europe’s largest deployment of Massive MIMO has benefitted countless football fans in Russia thanks to a partnership between Ericsson and MTS.

Bouygues Telecom: A big surprise

Bouygues Telecom, France, chose to change its nodes in favor of Ericsson SGSN-MME with multi-access technology. The result was almost too good to be true, according to the customer.

Turkcell Turkey: Building the future

Together with Ericsson, Turkcell deployed a world-first technological solution: the full mixed mode baseband. Spanning a network of 68,9 million users in nine countries, Turkcell is the leading mobile network operator in Turkey.

City of Los Angeles and Philips shine a light on 4G LTE app coverage

Los Angeles became the world’s first city to deploy Philips’ SmartPole street lighting with fully built in 4G LTE wireless technology from Ericsson. 

Telstra, Australia: Pushing the limits

Telstra is committed to network performance and customer satisfaction. Here’s how Telstra leveraged its high performance network in a trial for LTE broadcast technology at the Melbourne Cricket Ground stadium.

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