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Ericsson ONE is a global community of thinkers and doers, designers, developers and entrepreneurs, brought together by a shared mission to create easy to use innovations that scale, last and solve real problems that people care about. Ericsson ONE is where we incubate new businesses.

Two types of ideas

Smart ideas and bold ideas. Smart ideas take off in the challenges we are faced with today. Bold ideas take off in a future unknown to us, a future in which new needs demand new solutions. They are game changing by nature and represent a significant shift. Coming up with bold ideas is a challenging task. Bringing them to life is harder. It requires a disruptive approach to collaboration, monetization and technology. It requires bold ideas made easy. Ericsson ONE is a place for those bold ideas. We have a strong common belief of how disruptive innovation should be done and have over 45.000 patents to prove our success.

One community across the world

In our global Ericsson ONE community, we work daily to explore bold ideas and new disruptive innovation, using the network as one of our most important building blocks. Our collaboration is built from the strong belief that innovation must be done openly and closely with the ecosystem around us. When we find those unique ideas that have a disruptive and viable solution attached to them we put these ideas in the center and do all it takes to see them succeed.

We believe that everyone is a potential innovator. Ideas are sprung from everywhere and we are now on the lookout for those who will change the world of tomorrow. If you have a ground-breaking idea, don't hesitate to bring it to life with Ericsson ONE.

ONE case studies


How can autonomous vehicles and connected infrastructure make our roads safer? We are exploring the future of transport with AstaZero.


We're collaborating with the start-up HypeLabs that develops a mesh network technology, enabling IoT devices to connect – without the internet.

Mixed Reality

How do we ensure the cities of the future are built in the most sustainable way? Mixed reality has the answer.


In collaboration with SMHI we're demonstrating how existing microwave data can provide life-changing information about the weather.

Join us on the quest for innovations made easy

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For Academia
A business incubator to scale your cutting-edge ideas

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For operators
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The way we innovate

Coming together

Disruptive innovations that scale are the result of successful collaboration across perspectives, teams and organizations.

Business for all

We bring disruptive innovations to life by making sure that the business models touch upon every part of the ecosystem.

Building the network as a platform

By leading the evolution of networks into the future, we're closing the gap between idea and real business innovation

Bring your ideas to life

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