We have a passion for technology. We have over 42,000 granted patents, which means we have one of the industry's strongest portfolios. Our global team of researchers is constantly improving today’s technology and creating the breakthroughs that will shape tomorrow.


Enabling ubiquitous and efficient mobile broadband and machine-type communication. Research into radio network solutions, radio access technologies, advanced antenna systems, propagation and wireless backhaul. Leaders in LTE and NR, we invent technologies for 5G and beyond.

Network, Architecture and Protocols

Laying the foundation of the Networked Society by developing 5G based wireless connectivity solutions, SDN based transport solutions (including fronthaul), and virtualized network functions.

Media Technologies

Ensuring excellence in user experience, engagement, speed of innovation and efficiency of operations of Media Services, Production and Delivery for media  on any device anywhere. World leading research in audio and video codecs. Exploring media opportunities in AR/VR, including Industrial use cases.

Cloud System Software Technologies

Research into cloud deployment models, data center and service operation, common application execution environments, data center operating systems, and logical and physical resource management. Providing components of ubiquitously available, affordable, secure and performant information technology backbone.

Hardware, Device and EMF

Research into state of the art electronics, photonics and device technologies for ecosystem influence and world leading infrastructure products. Health and safety research regarding electromagnetic fields from wireless communications equipment.

Machine Intelligence

Enable creation of intelligent products and services using Machine Intelligence. Explore, innovate and develop Machine Intelligence-based applications, infrastructures, algorithms and methods. Deliver new value by applying a system automation and data-driven mindset.


Technology solutions and architectures for platform, network and software security. We invent and drive solutions in cryptography, trusted cloud, 5G security, Internet of Things security, privacy, assurance, security analytics, and identity management.

Digital Services Design

Research and innovation supporting digital transformation to an XaaS business model company. We apply design thinking and DevOps, do technology incubation through Ericsson Garage, and carry out research on sustainability, XaaS technologies, business models and service systems.

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