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Responsible business

Ericsson places great importance on how we do business. We must win business on merit, ability and fairness, follow a clear code of business ethics, and act vigorously to correct any irregularities we encounter.

We work continuously to improve and strengthen our business practices, with a focus on building and maintaining trust, transparency and integrity. Regardless of where in the world we operate, our respect for human rights, fair and safe working conditions, and ethically and environmentally sound business practices is fundamental to our culture and identity as a company. This commitment to responsible and ethical behavior starts at the top and is embedded at every level of our company and implemented throughout our organization by a comprehensive ethics and compliance framework.

Every action counts

Every action counts

With business in 180 countries, prevention, detection and accountability are paramount.  We believe that every employee has a responsibility to act with integrity, to identify and assess relevant ethical and compliance risks, and to take appropriate actions.  Employees and suppliers that observe or suspect violations of our Code of Business Ethics or Code of Conduct are encouraged to raise these concerns either with line management or through Ericsson’s independent whistleblower system, the Compliance Line. Click here for more information on reporting compliance concerns. 

Responsible business framework

Ericsson has group policies, processes, directives and training that address sourcing, occupational health and safety (OHS), environmental management, anti-corruption, human rights, and other important areas. We are committed to upholding the United Nations’ Global Compact Principles and to implementing their Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights throughout our business operations. The implementation of these policies and directives, together with risk management, is audited by an external assurance provider.
To find out more about our standards of conducting business responsibly, please view the following important resources:

For more in-depth information read our latest Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility report

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Occupational health and safety

One of our most fundamental responsibilities as a company is to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for employees and anyone else working on our behalf. See how we work to actively prevent injuries and work-related ill health toward a vision of zero major incidents.

Fighting and preventing corruption

As a company that operates in 180 countries around the world, including some considered high risk for corruption, we recognize the threat that corruption poses to sustainable economic and social development. Explore how we work to fight and prevent corruption and ensure that we can operate our business globally with transparency and integrity.

Respect for Human rights

By continually improving our approach to human rights, we are better prepared to confront new issues rising on the agenda, and better at managing risks. See how we are working to ensure that human-rights-related considerations are incorporated into our business practices.

Responsible sourcing

Managing the social and environmental impacts in our supply chain is a top priority for us. Learn about our ongoing work with our suppliers to ensure they meet high social, ethical, human rights and environmental standards.

Our people

Our ultimate success as a company comes down to our people. We rely on our global team to conduct business responsibly and to help us continue to grow. Learn how we work to attract the best, develop the best and establish an engaged, high-performing, and diverse workforce.

Radio waves and health

We are committed to ensuring that radio wave exposure levels from our products and network solutions are below established safety limits. Learn how we employ rigid product testing and installation procedures.

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Due diligence in the sales process

Integrating a human rights perspective into the sales process is essential throughout our operations. Learn about our fully operational sales compliance process that ensures consideration of human rights.

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Online training for suppliers

With the aim of continual improvement, we offer free online training to all suppliers in four areas: supplier code of conduct, anti-corruption, OHS for site services providers, and conflict minerals. 

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Anti-corruption training for suppliers

In order to ensure fair and ethical practices throughout our supply chain, this online training for suppliers is aimed at raising awareness of risks, dilemmas and appropriate courses of action.

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