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A family is using a tablet to make a video call

Telstra selects Ericsson's CDN solution for network delivered media

Telstra will deploy the Ericsson Media Delivery Network solution as a fully-managed CDN service as part of its multifaceted approach to drive cost leadership and a superior customer experience.

A family in the living room

Enabling the evolution of commercial TV for ITV

ITV is an integrated producer broadcaster, operating the largest commercial family of channels in the UK. In addition to traditional broadcasting, they deliver our content on-demand through numerous platforms, both directly and via ITV Player.

Man in a control room looking at TV screens

Launching the most advanced, premium sport channels for BT Sport

With the industry and TV consumer undergoing persistent change, we believe it is essential to have the deepest insights possible to enable our vision for the future of TV and guide our customers in their continual transformation to drive the greatest success.

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