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Mapping out IoT value for those ready to act

IoT connects 5.7 million devices every day and promises additional revenue potential of up to 36%, depending on your ecosystem role. For service creators providing end-to-end ecosystem offerings, the value adds up to USD 619 billion by 2026*.

To fully comprehend how that value is distributed and easily captured, we conducted a thorough analysis of over 200 use cases. By clustering these use cases according to go-to-market and deployment challenges, we came out with nine horizontal clusters across 10 industry verticals (all summarized in our guide to capturing 5G-IoT business potential). This broadens the opportunities, showcasing the business value in IoT beyond the immediate investment in one industry, application or solution.

Sounds interesting? Get started with our handbook series.

IoT challenges and strategies for Telecom Service Providers

Our clusters are here to prepare you for action, and our handbook series is on hand to offer numerous helpful tips, including real IoT business ideas and examples. By presenting clusters individually, the specific go-to-market and deployment strategies become clear.

Image with bubbles representing the clusters and the size of each cluster

Over time, we will add more handbooks for you, so stay tuned! Download those that interest you, and come out ahead. When you are ready to take the next step, we are here to help. So contact us and we can define how to best capture the potential for your prioritised cluster or industry. Let’s transform strategies into realities!

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