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Core Network preparation starts here

Start your core network transformation journey with Ericsson’s core network solutions – bringing new levels of performance, flexibility and optimization to your business. Prepare for meeting the diverse new services, business models and use cases that 5G & IoT will bring, by transforming the heart of the telecommunications network with a partner trusted by leading operators worldwide.

5G Core

Reach new levels of flexibility and optimization, Enjoy business innovation on an unprecedented scale, Create new revenue streams

5G core

Accelerate your move to 5G

Cloud Packet Core

Learn about our flexible virtual Evolved Packet Core deployments on the stairway to 5G Core.

Cloud Unified Data Management and Policy

Evolve your data management and policy control solutions making them more efficient and automated to capture 5G.

The case for change

Taking care of the patient

Continuous software updates

Transition from software general availability to being live in an operator's network has been reduced to as little as 2 days.

A slice of 5G serving global customers

Ericsson and SK Telecom demonstrates 5G Federated Network Slicing, securing network performance across borders.


Network slicing economic study with British Telecom

Unique insights on economic impact of network slicing, quantified as a smart investment, while enabling fast implementation and better utilization.

A core network ready for your 5G and IoT business

With network slicing, cloud native design principles, advanced automation and resource orchestration, your core network will be in good shape for 5G and IoT. Start to deploy already today.

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Blog post
Is cloud native design really needed in telecom?

In the last two years, there has been a lot of talk about "cloud native" in the telecom industry. Vendors have been competing about cloud-native messaging and Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have requested cloud-native stories from vendors as part of their procurement processes. At the same time, there has been a great level of uncertainty regarding definitions, implementation details, and operational changes beyond high-level buzz words such as microservices, containers, and stateless design.

Blog post

Network programmability in 5G: an invisible goldmine for service providers and industry

With 5G just around the corner, many communications service providers worldwide have already laid out 5G network launch plans. However, while the industry is busy accelerating 5G development and deployment, outsiders are still wondering if 5G can deliver on its promises. One of the keys to success may be network programmability.


Blog post

Programmable networks: New 5G functions in 30 seconds

Programmable networks are in the center of service providers journey to digitalization. But what is a Programmable network, and what characteristics are most important here, moving into 5G and IoT? For a fast-track look into this, tap into this blogpost discussion with Marcelo Malizia, Solution Marketing Manager with Ericsson Digital Services.