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Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure

A commercially proven, system-verified NFVI makes virtuality a reality.

Listen to our NFVI experts

Listen to our expert

Learn more on how Ericsson's experience and system architecture approach matter for NFVI implementations.

Pre-integrated NFVI – High quality software with speed

Check this video on how continuous integration is used as an important activity to improve NFVI software quality and speed.

Pre-integrated NFVI – Fast and smooth deployment

Watch this video about NFVI deployment and how to make it quickly and smoothly.

Pre-integrated NFVI – Efficient customer support

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Make virtuality a reality

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The telco industry agrees on the need to move to NFVI to enable new revenue opportunities and costs savings, but there’s less consensus on how to do it.

Whilst it’s tempting to think that a solution based on best-of-breed components would be the best way to succeed with NFVI, it’s our belief that only by choosing a partner with a total system view can you make virtuality a reality.

Ericsson NFVI comes pre-integrated, tested, verified and documented. It’s an approach already trusted by many of the world’s leading service providers.

Speed up your NFV transformation with low risk

A pre-integrated, tested, and verified solution
Rather than trying to integrate your own components, you can reduce deployment time with our system-verified solution.

Take a faster path to 5G 
Reduce your TTM for new services with a low TCO while laying the foundation for 5G.

Work with an open solution 
Deploy applications and from multiple vendors with our open, industry standard architecture.

Stay ready for tomorrow 
Implement a solution today that can easily be evolved with distributed cloud capabilities for a multitude of IoT opportunities.

Speed up your NFV transformation with low risk

System verified NFVi for real results

System verified NFVI for real results

To make sure you can deploy your services rapidly and reliably, we spent nearly two years selecting, integrating, and testing our best components to form a complete NFVI solution. Here are some of the results:

  • Minimize complexity and system integration at deployment reducing time to market and total cost of ownership
  • Rapidly configure and modify virtual datacenters (vPODs) to optimize your infrastructure
  • Quickly roll out applications for telecom, OSS, BSS, IT and media workloads from multiple vendors
  • Accelerate virtualization through an efficient automation and orchestration
  • Define and automate policies for performance optimization
  • Use one infrastructure to satisfy different tenants’ needs
Ericsson’s solution is a leader in the NFVI market. The solution is pre-integrated and its tested blueprint helps operators reduce time to market, and minimize testing and rollout time for new services.

Glen Hunt, Principal Analyst, Globaldata

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