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The challenge

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment set out to maximize traffic flow on existing roads, rails and waterways while avoiding costly investments in new infrastructure. They decided to utilize the cloud and IoT to build a national Intelligent Vehicles and Road Infrastructure (IVRI) system.

Supporting sustainability goals

talking traffic ecosystem

The highlights

  • First government-led project to create a national ITS solution
  • We helped roll out a cloud-based solution in 6 months time
  • 25% of all traffic lights nationwide connected so far
  • 10% less road congestion during peak hours

Caspar de Jonge, Ministry of Infrastructure, the Netherlands, discusses how governments can enable innovation and optimize existing transport infrastructure.

Harry Meijer, Head of Operations, UMCG Ambulancezorg explains how Connected Urban Transport is empowering public safety officials in the Netherlands.

Inge de Meulenaere, Solution Architect at Ericsson outlines how Connected Urban Transport supports a holistic and profitable transport ecosystem.

The solution

In December 2016, the Dutch government awarded Siemens, Simacan and Ericsson with the task of creating an intelligent transport system (ITS). Six months later, the consortium unveiled a nationwide cloud-based platform to collect and share data between infrastructure, vehicles and people.

The Talking Traffic platform utilizes both short- and long-range communication technologies to create a smart traffic ecosystem. Our cloud platform, Connected Urban Transport, serves as the front door of the Dutch infrastructure systems, allowing data to interoperate, and all stakeholders to communicate.

The innovative Connected Urban Transport solution is a win for the entire traffic ecosystem and its users in the Netherlands.

- Ben Kessels, Account Manager Customer Group Industry & Society, Ericsson Netherlands

The result

While the project has already led to improved traffic flows, as ITS is rolled out on a large scale over the next few years, Talking Traffic will continue to improve accessibility, quality of life and safety for travelers and commuters. 

With the help of the cloud and big data, Talking Traffic is driving further ITS innovation in the private-sector. The platform provides real-time traffic-related data to any business or organization offering traffic services to its consumers. This will enable the creation of sustainable services that depend less on government investment.

This groundbreaking project is sure to serve as an example for others who wish to build smart traffic ecosystems and smarter cities. We are proud to be part of the Talking Traffic consortium and look forward to contributing to the success of ITS in the Netherlands. 

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