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Service and network automation starts here

We're helping digital enterprises worldwide govern, manage and orchestrate hybrid networks holistically and in real time, turning legacy networks into elastic infrastructures that are lightweight, programmable and endlessly adaptable.

Dynamic Orchestration

Fast forward towards zero touch with next-level service automation.

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Dynamic Orchestration

Automate service launches now and be ready for the 5G/IoT era. Download the solution brief.

Expert Analytics

Leverage insights when they are most impactful.

Network Manager

Gain a unified network management capability across your networks.

Gartner names Ericsson a Leader in OSS again!

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The case for change

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Putting the customer experience first

EE partners with Ericsson to implement a next generation customer experience management (CEM) system to gain insights into its customers’ needs and network experience.

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Exceptional visibility of VoLTE quality

T-Mobile US partnered with Ericsson to improve quality for voice over LTE (VoLTE), mobile broadband and other advanced services.

Ericsson and Verizon case study: Virtual Network Services

Verizon's Peter Konings shares how Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration lets Verizon stay ahead of the market.

Get the latest insights into network automation and management, analytics, orchestration and assurance

As you deploy virtualized and cloud native applications in your networks, automation is essential to scaling operations. Begin your journey to closed-loop, zero-touch operations with the knowledge and solutions you need for a programmable infrastructure based on real-time data and fit-for-purpose analytics.

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Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration, making the 5G switch easy

With the introduction of 5G, end-to-end management and the orchestration layer are becoming crucial. The Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration solution takes complexity out of the equation through the power of #automation and #AI. That's why it is an essential piece of today's 5G platform launch from Ericsson.

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The Automation Journey – Step 3 – Distributed Cloud & Network Slicing

We've arrived to the third step of our 5G orchestration automation journey. If you read my last blog post, you'll be familiar with step 2, data center transformation. Once that stage is complete, service providers will need to consider the third step - where the cloud expands to the edge and network slicing is introduced.

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The automation journey: step 2 – data center transformation

If you've already read my previous blog post, The Automation Journey -- Step 1: Scale Virtualization, it's now time to delve into step 2: data center transformation. For this blog post, I explore the benefits that closed loop assurance brings to hybrid networks.

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CENX Service Assurance

Lead service assurance for the digital age with end-to-end service visibility.

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Digital Transformation Webinar

Telecom digital transformation is underway: Embrace a winning strategy.

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