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Capture the value of 5G

Capture the value of consumer 5G

Make each customer your key priority with innovative, differentiated and personalized offerings​.

5G for Consumers

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Drive service innovation

CSPs globally are starting to reimagine their 5G experience in response to consumers demanding better performance as well as new type of services. Service innovation is a key component to the success of telecom operators with 17% of consumers across 28 markets switching providers when their network solution falls short. From real-world success stories, to exclusive consumer insights, explore how our groundbreaking solutions empower operators to navigate the 5G landscape and drive business growth.

Deliver great customer experiences

As 5G becomes widely available, consumer expectations are shifting - meaning the telecom industry’s major players need to adapt to stay ahead of competition. Our guide dives into how operators can focus on building unique customer experiences using innovative, customer Experience 5G propositions.

Discover how to create high-quality consumer experiences to drive loyalty, open up new revenue streams and attract new subscribers.

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Next steps in monetizing 5G

How are CSPs capturing the value of 5G? Patrik Cerwall, founder of Ericsson Mobility Report, describes new ways operators can drive revenue and create new value.

Case study: Discover Singtel's Journey to Differentiated Connectivity

Explore Singtel's stepwise journey: exploration, scale, and commercialization. Starting with a network slicing proof of concept at the 2022 Grand Prix Singapore, Singtel enhanced fan experiences with premium connectivity.

The future of unlimited data

Is it time to rethink unlimited data? Learn how the new network functionalities of 5G are meeting the needs of consumers and redefining the value of data.

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Connect every corner of the world

As millions of people worldwide wait for reliable home broadband, a projected 300 million customers will turn to Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) – an efficient, scalable alternative – by 2028. And with smart, targeted deployments, research shows that investment can pay off in under two years.

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Capture the value of live media production

Journey into the world of 5G Trailblazers

In 2023, the British King’s Coronation was the first event to utilize network slicing on a public 5G standalone (SA) network. Uncover the story of how ITN and Vodafone pulled off the historic broadcast as millions of people around the globe tuned in.

“We wanted to create a dedicated area of network to be used for the event through a public network. This is truly a first in the UK and we wanted to be first.”

Andrea Donà, Chief Network Officer Vodafone UK

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Next-level fan experiences

Dive into the story of Magnus Bjorkman who used 5G to power a new level of co-creation to redefine fan engagement and gamification in sport.

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Driving new fan experiences in F1

Singtel made history at the 2022 Singapore Grand Prix using groundbreaking 5G network slicing to tailor connectivity services.

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A 5G slice for live-stream broadcasting

Discover how Ericsson, alongside Far EasTone (FET) and TVBS, used 5G network slicing for a seamless live broadcast that revolutionized the WJS Marathon.

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Market insights

Turning 5G performance into loyalty

Do you know what drives 5G network satisfaction and builds user retention? Ericsson ConsumerLab has conducted research across 28 global markets to bring you exclusive insights into the four key trends for capturing the value of 5G.

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Latest Ericsson Mobility Report

From 5G FWA growth and service packaging, to consumer market trends and opportunities in gaming and entertainment, get exclusive industry-leading insights from Ericsson’s Mobility Report.

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5G Talks: Differentiate your customer experience

Guest speakers from some of the world’s best-known businesses share their strategies on how to stand out using personalized 5G customer experiences.

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Our solutions

Network Slicing

Tailor network services to every user in any environment with flexible, cost-effective personalized network slicing.

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Scale meets efficiency with Fixed Wireless Access and our speed-based tariff plans keep everyone connected.

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Our support systems work in tandem to drive optimization and bolster new revenue opportunities.

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