Key insights into 5G

Time to get up to 5G speed for MWC 2020

2019 has been a fantastic year for 5G. Launching 24 5G networks into four continents has given us unique insights on deployment, users and new potential revenue streams – insights we’re here to share with you.

24 live networks and counting – Here's what we've learned

SK Telecom's 5G strategy ensures top network experience

In our latest Ericsson Mobility Report, we dive deeper into SKT's 5G cluster-based rollout strategy. We reveal how it's enabling a premium network experience and high-quality services in specific locations.

How Swisscom's 5G network achieved 90 percent population coverage in eight months

Swisscom became one of the world's first service providers to launch 5G. Watch the film to learn which use cases they're looking into, as well as how they managed to roll out 5G to cover 90 percent of the population by the end of 2019. 

5G is live: Explore our networks around the world

2019 was the year we managed to roll out 24 live commercial networks with our fantastic partners. To get a recap of the 5G networks that have gone live so far, explore our 5G globe. 

5G consumer potential: report busts myths surrounding value of 5G

So far, a majority of the launch markets are charging a premium averaging almost 20 percent for 5G subscriptions, helping to bust one of the biggest myths around 5G consumers' willingness to pay. Read the report on this myth and several more.

Interested in 5G for business?

Serving the 5G-powered business in 2020

5G is open for business, but where are enterprises on their digitalization journeys today? The report presents enterprises' views on digitalization, what their objectives are, and how they are trying to achieve them. It further explores the roles that service providers could take in enabling 5G-powered businesses.

5G for business – a 2030 market compass report released

With 5G deployments now being underway across most geographies, Ericsson has conducted a follow-up study on how to realize the 5G industry digitalization business potential. This must-read report is based on more than 200 use cases, 10 industries and a series of 5G-enabled use-case clusters.

White paper on critical capabilities for private networks out now

Read our latest white paper on private networks to learn how 3GPP 4G and 5G technologies offer a powerful platform. A platform that offers built-in support for the necessary critical capabilities, increased reliability, lower latency, and improved security, meeting the requirements of both business- and mission-critical applications.

Edge computing and 5G paper highlights need for distributed networks

With increasing interest in new use cases like smart manufacturing and augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR), as well as 5G radio networks, there is a clear need for distributed networks. This report explains how to start capturing edge business opportunities, and outlines the challenges and requirements for implementing edge solutions.

The better way to 5G

5G made for innovation

In 2019 we deployed 24 live networks, across 4 continents. This wouldn't have been possible without a 5G portfolio made to maximize 5G performance, experiences, and innovation.  Learn more about how Ericsson leads the way to a better 5G by watching the film.

Spectrum sharing – the key to 5G coverage

Thanks to our unique software solution, Ericsson Spectrum Sharing, 4G and 5G can be switched between carriers within milliseconds, minimizing spectrum waste and enabling the optimal user experience. This paper offers insights on how to make the best use of spectrum assets, and utilize each band’s performance characteristics to support business strategy while all technologies coexist in the network.

5G Core – higher performance, lower costs

Transforming 4G into 5G doesn’t have to mean increased costs. Explore our latest 5G core report to learn how our dual-mode 5G Cloud Core enables up to 90 percent reduced opex, peak rates of up to 20Gbps for every piece of user equipment and 75 percent cost savings in network integration.

Analyzing our SD-WAN management solution

On the journey towards automation, one of our key focuses is on providing an integrated automation environment that extends well beyond software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) itself and supports its integration into a synergistic family of enterprise services, which can be service chained and orchestrated end-to-end. To scratch deeper below the surface of our offering, we asked Appledore to carry out an extensive check of our SD-WAN management solution. Read their analysis.

Discover our 5G platform

With our evolved 5G platform, service providers can manage increased traffic growth, boost network efficiency and experience with AI and automation as well as secure 5G revenues. Discover how by taking a closer look at what we offer..

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