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5G partnerships

5G will give communication service providers the possibility to improve their existing consumer business and to address previously untapped value chains in the digitalization of industries. The new technology opens up new opportunities in new ecosystems. Together with our partners we are continuously testing, learning and pushing the boundaries of how 5G can meet the diverse needs now and of the future.

Mastering the 5G landscape: Your guide to ecosystem evolution

Discover the secrets of the evolving 5G landscape and unlock the power of collaboration across dynamic ecosystem borders. In our blog series, our experts delve into the transformation and complexities surrounding 5G, IT, and industry verticals with unique perspectives, practical tips, and real-world examples.

If you have an interest in understanding the changing landscape at the crossroads of cellular, IT and industry, and how you can get ahead, then this series is for you. Dive into the world of ecosystem evolution and benefit from Ericsson’s wealth of experience across a range of ecosystems, cultivated through initiatives like the Ericsson Device Hub and the Ericsson Startup 5G program which focuses on 5G partnerships.

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Unleashing the collaborative force of 5G

We work with startups from across the world to develop solutions ranging from immersive sports experiences, immersive augmented reality books for children and social virtual reality for everyday life.

Ericsson 5G Startup program focuses on 5G partnerships, connecting leading communications service providers (CSPs) with startups to commercialize and monetize 5G. With 25 years of consumer insights, market intelligence, and prioritization tools, we’re in a unique position to helps CSPs to differentiate their 5G offerings. Rogers Communications (Canada) and Celcom Axiata (Malaysia) are just two of the companies that the program proved successful for as they connected with the brightest global startups to introduce differentiation to their 5G offerings and accelerate the monetization of 5G. Explore more about the 5G Startup program.

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Unlock Innovation: Collaborate with Ericsson's Enterprise Ecosystem

Accelerate transformation and scale effectively with Ericsson's enterprise ecosystem, a hub of cross-industry expertise, products, and solutions. Our ecosystem partners specialize in cellular devices and integration, industry-specific software and applications, system integration, and business advisory services. Click here to discover more about these 5G partnerships and our Industry 4.0, IoT, and automotive ecosystems to accelerate digital transformation.

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Embracing openness: the possibilities of 5G

Discover the power of openness in mobile networks with Ericsson and accelerate innovation today. As a key driver of openness, we have witnessed its transformative impact in previous generations, and with 5G, we anticipate even greater possibilities.

With 5G we have created a powerful platform that can be used to meet the communication needs of virtually any sector of industry or society. We collaborate with standardization bodies, open-source projects, and alliances, ensuring a global ecosystem for innovation and differentiation. Explore the role of 3GPP and O-RAN in fostering openness and learn about our patent portfolio and licensing approach. It’s an exciting time to delve into the world of open 5G.

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