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5G Trailblazers


Thomas Brezicka

Blazing the way in hospital planning.

5G Trailblazer | Pioneer

Thomas Brezicka


Chief Medical Officer, University Hospital Sahlgrenska


Thomas advocated the use of AI, powered by 5G to forecast daily Covid-19 admissions at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. It played a vital part of hospital planning, saving many lives.

Thomas blazed a trail during the pandemic by managing a breakthrough trial led by Ericsson, Telia and Sahlgrenska University Hospital. The three organizations combined to use 5G powered AI to plan resources which helped relieve the unprecedented challenges presented by Covid-19. This undoubtedly saved countless lives by ensuring better care for patients.

“5G was vital in our planning of effective resource allocation to ensure that all patients received the care they needed." 


Thomas Brezicka

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