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5G Trailblazers


Ali Hossaini

Blazing the way in creating immersive new experiences. 

5G Trailblazer | Catalysts


Senior Visiting Research Fellow, King's College London


Ali blends art, cutting-edge technology and engineering to create unique, immersive experiences for performers and audiences alike. 

The London arts scene thrives on innovation, finding new and exciting ways to engage audiences and bring people together. 

Academic, writer, and artist Ali Hossaini has been exploring how 5G can enhance the arts through immersive experiences, creating the world's first 5G-enabled theatre in partnership with Arts Council England. 

The event streamed a play to an amphitheatre using real-time 5G data transmission. The team also transformed parts of the city; attendees navigated around London using an accurate 3D interactive digital model, enhanced by real-time figures. 

As well as this, he helped found the National Gallery X research program, talking with a host of experts – including Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web. NGX provides a space for residencies and events where artists and creatives can explore experimental technologies as well as critical arts, humanities and social science research on culture and the (digital) creative industries.  

His collaborative artwork GROUPTHINK also paved the way for an ‘Internet of Neurons’. Streamed live from the National Gallery, this  involved musicians, artists, Artificial Intelligence, and the audience’s heartbeats. This live performance, delivered over a high-speed network, used audience heart rates to create a visual pulsating environment that was generated in real time by AI revealing artworks that reflected the audience’s energy. 

Ali’s creative approach to 5G provides a unique vision for the future of culture, commerce and technology. 

I'm a visual artist who is passionate about music. I'm also developing models of arts-driven research, that is, using artistic techniques to generate scientific data. Art can ask questions which science cannot."


Ali Hossaini 


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