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5G Trailblazers


Mark Newman

Blazing the way in helping enterprises worldwide avoid digital disruption with 5G.

5G Trailblazer | Conversation Driver


Chief Analyst, TM Forum


Mark Newman uses his expert guidance to help enterprises all across the globe embrace new technologies and get the most out of their investment. 

As a spearhead for telecoms and communication service providers (CSPs), Mark provides insights and advice on the latest technology trends, including 5G. Through presentations, workshops and strategy sessions, he steers enterprises across the globe as they embrace new and emerging technologies, helping them get the most out of their investments. 

He also regularly publishes reports and analysis on the future of 5G, offering valuable insights on how it can be deployed and used. 

“5G has long been touted as a network technology with the capabilities to deliver the speed, latency, security and flexibility that enterprises need, so businesses and operators need to understand what role they can best fill in delivering high-speed wireless connectivity solutions to their customers." 


Mark Newman

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