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Frost Radar: 5G Network Infrastructure Market, 2024

In the latest Frost Radar™ 5G Network Infrastructure Market 2024 Report, research and analyst firm Frost & Sullivan ranked Ericsson as the leader for the fourth consecutive year.

Highlights from the report:

  • The report reaffirms Ericsson’s leadership in the 5G network infrastructure market, which spans radio access networks (RAN), transport networks, and core networks.
  • Ericsson’s investments in R&D and its broad product portfolio are valued in a market where technology is constantly evolving.
  • Ericsson’s step into offering Open RAN solutions in 2024 is expected to make the open and virtual RAN movement into a reality.
  • The report acknowledged Ericsson’s sustained focus on offering the latest and lightest energy-saving products and solutions.
  • Ericsson currently powers 160 live 5G networks in 68 countries, the highest level that Frost & Sullivan has seen publicly reported.


Frost Radar Image - 5G Infrastructure 2024