Human and machine interaction

5G means unlocking the potential for us to interact and connect with machines in unbelievable ways. Making the networked society and the The Internet of Things (IoT) era a reality by connecting more devices than ever.
5G IoT  
5g use case - Human and machine interaction
The IoT applications that 5G will help enable is truly limitless. 


5G will become the backbone of IoT, connecting devices in ways we never thought possible. Users will experience smart cars that are capable of communicating with traffic lights; augumented reality and 360 degree immersive gaming and movies; and transmitting touch and texture to realize the tactile internet. The IoT applications that 5G will help enable is truly limitless. 

Technology enablers

5G radio access
  • High node/service availability at least 99.999% node availability
  • Uplink capacity for high quality video
  • Extremely low latency
  • Best use of licensed and unlicensed technologies
5G core network
  • QoS functions and network slices 99.9% accessibility and retain ability for comm. services
  • Roundtrip latency in 1 ms range
5G management &
  • Improve response time for diagnostic questions
  • Meet real-time constraints
  • Estimate and report about the achieved reliability of a connection (per user, per service)

Target users

  • Health care – remote check up
  • Universities & researchers
  • Municipalities
  • Fitness

Opportunity areas

  • Immersive augmented reality
  • Immersive gaming
  • Surveillance
  • Tactile internet
  • Smart bike-helmets
  • Child monitoring
  • Smart houses
  • Smart shipping/post

5G technology brings

  • Reliable & Precise
  • Non Intrusiveness
  • Privacy
  • Real-time
  • Sustainability