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Cellular connectivity driving productivity and safety for mining operations

5G for Manufacturing

You are under constant pressure – to improve product quality, boost factory efficiency, stay competitive, enhance safety, security and sustainability, and remain profitable. How can 5G help?

In an era of intense volatility due to shorter business and product lifecycles, manufacturing companies around the globe are under extreme pressure. Margins are being squeezed more than ever as components increasingly become more varied and complex to produce, workforces are aging and becoming costlier to maintain.

Future-Proof connectivity

Existing services operating on legacy technology systems will migrate to a single cellular platform, enabling efficient management of current and future services.

Secure connectivity

Provides an additional layer of secure transmission and strict verification of assets and data to the already highly secured 3GPP connectivity, thus minimizing possibility of IoT cyber threats.

Reliable connectivity

Mission and business-critical use cases require low latency, high performance and high reliability that only 5G provides.

Discover Ericsson’s wireless cellular solutions for mining

Mining operations implementing industry digitalization need fast, reliable, secure wireless connectivity solutions. Ericsson’s wireless connectivity solutions enable CSPs to offer secure and reliable coverage, support high device density, low latency, and full visibility of assets, processes and data.

The role of automation in the mining industry will uncover the business value of 4G/LTE and 5G technology, in terms of both economics and sustainability.

Automation in mining

The Boliden Aitik mine use case study discovered that automation have significant impacts in cost reduction, being 5G communications the key enabler. Carrying out drilling and blasting using automation shows an annual EUR 2.5 million net savings for the Aitik mine alone.

Learn how Boliden is leveraging 5G to automate their mines, including Altik

Making rock bolts smarter

Rock bolts are “mission critical” equipment. If one in a tunnel fails, a cave-in could result, leading to a loss in production and equipment. Or worse, human lives.

Read how connected, smarter rock bolts, can create safer mining environments

Drilling down with autonomous vehicles

Maximum productivity comes from running equipment constantly. Autonomous vehicles are the future of mining, boosting both throughput and safety.

Learn how autonomous mining vehicles increase production

Key partners


Key advantages of 4G/LTE and 5G solutions compared to other wireless solutions include better coverage, higher reliability and stronger security, especially when machines are in the same area and share information. Epiroc and Ericsson are helping mining companies to digitalize and automate their operations to increase productivity, enhance operator safety and lower cost.

Learn more about how Epiroc is enabling better mining operations


Ambra selected Ericsson as a radio partner of choice to provide 5G-ready network solutions to automate ventilation systems, real-time personnel and vehicle tracking, and remote control of mining machinery and equipment.

Read more about this partnership and how cellular will power better mining


Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator and Private Networks are adaptable to each type of mine and work seamlessly both above and below the ground. Ericsson Private Networks solution includes Enterprise Core, which is compatible with indoor and outdoor radio products to flexibly achieve optimal coverage and capacity.

Additional offerings include remote control services for a variety of machines, telematic systems, mission critical push-to-talk, positioning, IoT-safety devices and IoT environment sensors.

IoT Accelerator

As an easy-to-use global IoT connectivity and device management platform, Ericsson IoT Accelerator simplifies complex connectivity and device management challenges for mining companies. It is built to connect and manage billions of devices and millions of applications efficiently, seamlessly and globally.

Learn more about how Ericsson IoT Accelerator can help create new revenue streams and business opportunities

Ericsson Private Networks

Ericsson private LTE and 5G networks solution allows mining companies to leverage service providers’ existing network assets and operations – without compromising required local control.

Learn how service providers can expand their revenue streams with mission critical private networks

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