The Road to Barcelona

Meet the ‘Startup 5,' as they take the journey with us at Ericsson, from 5G startup ideas to Mobile World Congress 2020 in Barcelona, Spain

Episode 1-Getting started on the journey


Welcome to the Road to Barcelona, and meet the ‘Startup 5’-- 5 super cool startup companies that will be taking the journey with us at Ericsson as they bring their 5G solutions to the largest mobile event in the world: Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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Meet the hosts

Christine Luby

Previously the Head of Social Media at Ericsson, Christine is now a Global Brand Content Marketing manager. She is always on the lookout for exciting stories, and chances to chat with exciting people.

You can find more of her content here. 

Cristina Pandrea

Cristina is Research Statistician in Ericsson ConsumerLab, with a strong background in analytics. Cristina’s research revolves around the value communication technologies bring to consumers, with focus on 5G use cases and 5G devices.

You can find more of her content here.

Jasmeet Sethi

As Head of ConsumerLab at Ericsson Research, Jasmeet oversees a team of researchers that partners with domain experts across Ericsson, including technology research, product development groups, marketing, and sales to gather signals, uncover consumer insights and evaluate key trends that impact Ericsson and its customers future direction and strategy.

You can find more of his content here.