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Ericsson’s IoT Day in Singapore

How can we take on IoT together? Join us at Ericsson’s IoT Day on September 18th, 2018 in Singapore, where we'll tackle this complex question: What will it take for businesses to succeed in IoT? The world needs your perspective. At IoT Day, industry leaders discuss real IoT issues with a provocative question and answer session.

IoT has evolved from simple M2M into the foundation of digital transformation for many enterprises. IoT is rapidly growing, but despite the great expectations, a true Internet of Things is far from being realized. Progress is being held up by challenges related to collaboration, innovation and monetization.

IoT Day in Singapore is a place for tough questions and straight talk. Join us at this networking event, where you can meet IoT frontrunners in the telecom sector along with thought leaders who are transforming smart cities, manufacturing, automotive and transport. You’ll hear from a CxO roundtable of the top IoT experts, as well as Q&A, demos and networking.

CxO roundtable
Breakout sessions

Networking drinks and dinner

By building complementary ecosystems of businesses, we can create a truly collaborative Internet of Things. Join us in Singapore to take on IoT together and dig deep into what matters most in IoT.

Ready to join us for IoT Day in Singapore? Contact your Ericsson Sales Representative to let us know you are interested. Details on the agenda, location and speakers are coming soon.


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