Telecommunication equipment comprises optical and microwave networks, routing and switching products that are simple, smart and scalable, and which allow you to handle broadband growth and ensure a smooth evolution to all-IP.

Who do we work with?

Ericsson operates a partner program in telecommunication equipment, with around 180 partner companies representing the telecommunication portfolio globally. Our partners range from highly successful small and medium-sized companies reselling portfolio, through to service-focused partners integrating the Ericsson telecommunication products into complex customer solutions.

Are you a potential channel partner?

We are looking for channel partners that:

  • Propose, resell or install Ericsson products within our Channel Partner portfolio. This includes Microwave Networks, Optical Networks, IP Network, Network Management Systems and Wi-Fi.
  • Integrate telecommunications solutions
  • Consult on business processes
  • Provide ongoing support as customers’ requirements evolve.

As an Ericsson Channel Partner, you will be part of an exclusive and limited program, acting as an ambassador for Ericsson and our core values of respect, professionalism and perseverance.

How we work with partners

Our partner program is about putting the customer first. When it comes to telecommunication technology, we realize that customers have different requirements and preferences in each of their business areas. That’s why our partner program incorporates an engagement model focused on reselling, consulting and systems integration in a range of business disciplines and geographical areas within the communications and other communications-dependent industries.

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Our global Channel Partner Program




Products and services

IP Edge

IP Edge comprises the systems and functions that deliver a high QoE for the services that consumers demand. These systems are placed between the metro and at the edge of the IP core. This point of the network is where multiple services converge. The following is a list of products in the IP Edge family:

  • SE Family
  • SSR 8000 Family
  • SP 415/420
  • NetOp EMS

Microwave Networks

Our microwave offering provides the lowest cost of ownership, whether this is for new mobile network rollouts, evolution of mobile networks, or fixed broadband over microwave. The following is a list of products in the Microwave Networks family:

  • Marconi LH


With the acquisition of BelAir Networks, Ericsson has gained a leading position in carrier-grade Wi-Fi equipment both in terms of installed base and product portfolio. Our robust portfolio comprises:

  • Indoor and outdoor access points (APs)
  • Controllers
  • Management

IP Broadband Network Management

Ericsson's IP Broadband Network Management portfolio is a cutting-edge network management system solution for IP and broadband networks that contributes to improved service delivery and performance while lowering costs.

  • Ericsson IP Transport NMS
  • ServiceOn family
  • NetOp EMS

Optical Transport

The Optical Transport product family is based on SPO 1400 POTP and MHL 3000 long haul DWDM platforms.

SPO 1400 provides a full blended combination of transport technologies in a single, cost effective platform addressing current and future needs of access, metro and core transport networks.

MHL 3000 is focused on delivering high performance, long haul photonic scalability in the core network.

  • SPO 1410 POTP – Metro Access/Aggregation
  • SPO 1460 POTP – Metro Access/Aggregation and Core
  • Marconi MHL 3000 – Core Photonic networks

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Key advantages of being a Channel Partner

Our Channel Partner Program has been developed to enable you to grow your business; helping you to meet your customers' needs by leveraging our portfolio.

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