Network heroes

Celebrating the real-life heroes who keep you connected, always.

Celebrating the network heroes

Telecommunications has made life simple and the world smaller. But this simplicity for end users is assured with great difficulty and acute complexities at the backend. Hundreds and thousands of people work behind the scenes, often in unfriendly and dangerous situations to make sure our phones and computers have connectivity 24x7. At Ericsson, we attach a lot of importance to ensure our employees and people working with us to provide connectivity are regularly trained and we take all requisite measures to provide them a safe working environment.

Often, individuals involved in Ericsson business work in difficult and hazardous environments. The Company remains committed to provide them with unique tools and processes including trainings, refresher courses and routine tests in order to ensure their safety while on duty.

With this series, we are celebrating the real-life heroes who keep you connected, always.

Featured stories

Abdul Hamid Malik

Field Engineer for Ericsson, Jammu & Kashmir
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Jaya Sapam

Field Engineer for Ericsson, Manipur
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Saurav Bora

Networks Area Manager for Ericsson, Arunachal Pradesh
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Aijaz Ahmad Wani

Field Engineer for Ericsson, Jammu and Kashmir
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Pappu Kalita

Rigger for Ericsson, Guwahati, Assam
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