Jaya Sapam

Field Engineer for Ericsson, Manipur
Jaya Sapam

Jaya is known amongst her work colleagues as Mary Kom – she is one of the very few woman engineers who works in the field as a Maintenance Engineer. In simple words, she is responsible for making sure people get mobile networks in their devices. "Yes, friends and colleagues refer to me as Mary Kom, which is quite humbling yet embarrassing, as I am nowhere close to her in terms of achievement and her struggle. Yet I look to her for inspiration".

Jaya is out on the field at least once every week making sure everything is working seamlessly. At times , she even has to examine and monitor telecom equipment on top of the towers, which gets a lot of onlookers as people seldom see lady engineers doing such jobs, especially in Imphal.

Jaya proudly shares an incident when she had to go out of city limits in the middle of the night to fix some radio base station. It is not common for women to be out so late, especially in remote areas due to the threat of insurgents. Jaya says, "I was a little nervous, to be in the middle of nowhere fixing the radio base stations with my team in the dark. But we had to complete a job that was critical". But things got a little tense on one occasion, when the team was stopped by a group of locals. However, the team is well trained to handle such situations and they spoke to the people explaining what they were doing. All this while the focus was on 'restoring connectivity'.

Jaya loves the challenges that her job brings and enjoys the opportunity to do something which is not quite usual. She's been with Ericsson for more than a year now – and comes from a family of academics. Apart from fixing network sites and complex equipment, she loves to create new cuisines and play badminton.

"I take great pride in donning my safety helmet and harness and going about my job.... Each working day, every single time"