Abdul Hamid Malik

Field Engineer for Ericsson, Jammu & Kashmir

Abdul Hamid Malik, is 27 years of age and belongs to Rishigund town in northern Kashmir's Kupwara district. He is amongst the many who work round the clock to keep the networks running assuring that the world remains connected. Abdul Hamid is a Field Maintenance Engineer with Ericsson and is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of about 30+ network sites in Tangdar, which is one of the most difficult areas of Kashmir because of weather as well as proximity to the Line of Control

Abdul speaks passionately about his work, "The job is difficult, but necessary. I enjoy the responsibility and with the frequent training and guidance from seniors, I feel empowered as well as confident to attend to my duty in this difficult yet beautiful terrain".

Abdul faced a major challenge about a couple of months ago when one network site at 'Sadhna Top' at 13000 feet stopped working. In telecom parlance this particular site was a repeater site and other sites in the region are dependent on it. There was network outage in the area for almost two days because of heavy snowfall. Abdul walked and trekked almost 28 kilometers one way to the site, spent the night but managed to fix the issue which brought connectivity back to mobile phones in the region.

"Often, I visit remote areas for work, but this was quite daunting. The weather, terrain and the distance were all stacked against us. Planning for the assignment, I took all the precautionary measures including required clearances and proceeded for Sadhna Top and rested only after the issue was resolved and connectivity was restored."

Abdul, a graduate from Royal Polytechnic, Srinagar loves cricket. He plays whenever he can but makes sure he is updated on scores and match results on his phone. He feels that the right training and guidance makes every job easier, no matter how difficult it seems.