Pappu Kalita

Rigger for Ericsson, Guwahati, Assam

Pappu Kalita’s regular day involves working with telecom network equipment and he has been doing the same for the past 7 years. What makes him stand out is that most of his work happens 100 feet above the ground. Kalita is a field maintenance professional working for Ericsson. In telecom parlance, he is a rigger. Safety and precaution is not just a necessity, but a way of life for Pappu Kalita. “My work involves many different things,” Pappu tells us. “from regular activities like Radio unit installations and maintenance to fixing faults in the network – we need to be on top of our game, always, so that our customers don’t suffer.”

Pappu Kalita is often the first responder in case of any faults in the network in his area. He shares an incident where he had to attend to a network site that had stopped working – something quite normal for him, but this time things were different .There was a major strike in the city and heavy rains made matters even more difficult. He says, “Despite the restrictions due to the strike and the heavy rains, I had to fulfill my responsibility and fix the issue. The training we have received has equipped me to attend to my job even in the most demanding circumstances.” He adds, “I discussed the specifics of the project and the restrictions, loaded the 10 Kg heavy equipment on my bicycle and set out to fix the issue.” He even encountered some demonstrators enroute, but explained to them why it was important for him to reach the site.

According to Jose Luis Serrato, Head of Network Services, Ericsson India, “Keeping the networks up and running across the country requires thousands of individuals to manage, monitor and troubleshoot any problems in minimal time . Our focus is to ensure a safe working environment for everyone engaged in Ericsson’s business. We provide regular trainings, conduct frequent medical fitness checks and periodic refresher courses for our field staff so that they remember all necessary safety guidelines and procedures while attending to their jobs.”

People like Pappu keep the networks managed by Ericsson running smoothly.