Saurav Bora

Networks Area Manager for Ericsson, Arunachal Pradesh
Saurav Bora

Excessive rains and floods are a common phenomenon in parts of Assam. Every year floods cause a lot of difficulty in the region uprooting people from their homes, disconnecting them from the other parts of the country and even from their friends and family. While food, shelter and medicines remain the top priority during relief operations; restoring mobile connectivity is equally important.

Saurav Bora is a Network Area manager for Ericsson and shares one of the many challenging experiences he has had while managing networks in the region. Bora was recently part of a team working on a network restoration project after floods in the Dhemaji area of Assam recently. "Due to floods, the network in the area had gone down. The 5-6 feet deep flood water made it difficult to check our cables which were largely underground. Undeterred by the difficulty facing us, we took a boat and headed out to identify the issue and set it right."

Bora's team relied on a lot of make-shift solutions using bamboo sticks to identify the problem and then proceeded to an area where the water was a little less and fixed it. Bora says, "With some improvisation and the training that we have been provided, we were able to safely traverse through water, identify the issue and fix it". I had set out with the twin objectives of fixing the issue quickly and restoring network connectivity in the area and doing so while ensuring safety of my team, Bora adds. At Ericsson, safety of people engaged in the business is of paramount importance and the Company regularly conducts frequent trainings and refresher courses to enable.

An engineer by profession, Saurav Bora has keen interest in weight lifting and body building. He attaches a lot of importance to training and practice to succeed in personal as well as professional life. He likes to learn new things through tutorials on the web.