5G trial case stories

We are continuously carrying out joint 5G trials and proof of concepts with operators across the world, testing, learning and pushing the boundaries of how 5G can meet new needs.

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Ericsson 5G powers environmentally friendly self-driving vehicles

Ericsson, Einride and Telia partner to show driverless trucks are one step closer to being safe for public roads.

5G live in Korea

In February 2018 Ericsson and Korea Telecom together with Intel conducted a 5G trial in a dense urban environment in the center of Seoul.

5G kicks the game

Are you ready to play 5G (foot) ball – Ericsson and Verizon showcase how virtual becomes reality with 5G networks.

5G sets sail in Estonia

Telia, Ericsson and Intel Corporation collaborated to deliver superfast and secure connectivity to Tallink’s cruise ships at the Port of Tallinn in Estonia.

The 5G race is on

Welcome to the 5G race track – Ericsson and Verizon showcase what low latency can do to keep cars and drivers on track.

New 5G speed world record

In partnership with SK Telecom and BMW Korea, Ericsson used advanced 5G technology to track a connected car travelling up to 170 km/hour to demonstrate data transmission speeds on a 5G network.

SK Telecom - a 5G hero empowering new use

Meet the 5G heroes at SK Telecom. See our collaboration on the key 5G technology development, including the network slicing proof of concept and 5G radio trials. The results are impressive.

5G Heroes - changing the world

Connectivity will never be the same again. Meet 5G Hero NTT DOCOMO and learn about the tests and trials as they move towards a 5G future.

Federated Network Slicing: service capabilities crossing continents

When Ericsson took the lead in the extension of network slices for SK Telecom, it was the first time a proof-of-concept had been successfully implemented and evaluated on an intercontinental 5G trial network.

5G partnerships

We are exploring the potential of 5G through close partnerships with more than 30 leading mobile operators. We also work with partners in many industries, enabling us to develop 5G technologies based on real business needs.

Building 5G networks

5G technology will encompass an evolution of today's LTE technology with the addition of new radio access technologies, often in higher frequencies. 5G will impact the entire mobile network and associated eco-system, from devices to radio access, IP core and into the cloud.