5G RAN Virtualization


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With the expected data rate upsurge, service providers need to increase capacity and revenue, while lowering costs. By virtualizing the upper layer of 5G radio-access network (RAN) software, we offer a virtual RAN (vRAN) solution to give you additional network architecture flexibility to address these challenges.

Control your user data higher in the network
Virtualizing the central unit – user plane (CU-UP) function in the upper layer of 5G RAN software gives your network the flexibility to manage your mobile broadband data flow more efficiently to a large number of users.

Simple, mass deployment of 5G small cells
Using the 5G high layer vRAN enables multiple 5G New Radios to be combined into a single, logical gNodeB with a common core network interface. This means you can deploy 5G street macro and 5G small cell radios faster and easier when adding capacity in dense urban areas.

Greater flexibility for creating network slices to produce new applications
The virtualized CU-UP function simplifies the deployment of new applications, such as network slicing, enabling you to create new services by dedicating network resources to support specific applications for specific customer groups.

Jawad Manssour on the switch to 5G

Jawad Manssour on the switch to 5G

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