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As more and more devices are connected both indoors and outdoors, operators are changing the way they think about (and use) small cell technology. Increased small cell deployments will create an evolution for operators working in densely populated areas.

Small cell solutions for better indoor coverage

Many businesses are adopting a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) office policy, where everyone wants excellent indoor connectivity, no matter the platform or operator.

However, research shows people are increasingly displeased with the quality of their coverage indoors.1 Small cells have the power to drastically improve customer satisfaction while delivering cost-effective multi-operator solutions.

Getting ready for IoT and 5G

As both industrial and consumer IoT grows, devices and machinery need constant, high speed connectivity, both indoors and outside. Small cells provide a cost-effective solution to deliver the connectivity needed for IoT applications. 

Operators must also prepare to deliver 5G. Small cells will allow existing networks to be densified quickly and easily, while delivering both licensed and unlicensed frequency bands.

Join the Small Cell Evolution

Watch our webinar to learn more about how Ericsson is leading the small cell evolution – and how you can be a part of it.

Begin your evolution with Ericsson’s new small cell solutions

All these factors are driving the need for multi-operator networks. These complicated arrangements are made easier with small cell solutions.

Multi-Operator Dot

Multi-Operator Dot

Use one Radio Dot solution for up to 4 operators

New Multi-Dot Enclosure

New Multi-Dot Enclosure

Combine multiple Radio Dots in a single, sleek enclosure for improved building aesthetics, multi-operator deployments, and lower cost-per-box in the ceiling.

Strand-mount bracket

Strand-mount bracket

Install up to four outdoor micro radios, on existing aerial cables, and delivering a zero-footprint – suitable for both single and multi-operator usage.

"Multi-operator solutions will be critical to expanding the market for small cells and the range of possible deployments and Ericsson’s new small cell solutions address these industry changes to enable operators to deliver the needed coverage and capacity in a variety of environments.". Mark Lowenstein, Managing Director, Mobile Ecosystem

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Small cells

Small cells provide a cost-effective solution to deliver increased connectivity.

Ericssons’ Indoor Small Cells Portfolio

Ericsson’s indoor radios are the industry’s best performing small cell portfolio. Fully integrated with the Ericsson Radio System, Small cells are 5G and IoT ready, support multi-operator and unlicensed deployment.

Ericssons’ Micro Portfolio

Part of the Ericsson Radio System, micro radios are used for macro offload and improved hotspot coverage. Due to its small form factor, the outdoor micro radio offers flexible, easy and even invisible deployments.

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