Radio System course portfolio

Ericsson Academy Moscow is pleased to announce the release of Radio System course portfolio available.

Highlights of the presentation: RAN System Focus Areas

  • Vendor-agnostic (independent) courses
  • HW based courses
  • Radio Advanced courses

Portfolio summary

Course Name Length
WCDMA/LTE/NR Air Interface 2-3 days (per item)
WCDMA/LTE/NR Protocols and Procedures depend on delivery method
Baseband commissioning 1 day
Baseband Field Operations 1 day
Baseband Operation and Configuration 3 days
Baseband Troubleshooting 3 days
WCDMA/LTE/NR Functionality 3-4 days per item
WCDMA/LTE/NR Performance Management and Optimization 3-4 days per item
WCDMA/LTE/NR RAN Design 3 days per item

You may now contact us to book participapation in the courses.