Ericsson Spectrum sharing is a unique Ericsson offering to enable NR low band earlier and better than competition.

So, what is Ericsson Spectrum sharing?

It is an Ericsson innovation based on Ericsson unique baseband architecture that allows instant coordination between technologies to enable NR with minimum impact to LTE performance.

In our solution, 4G and 5G schedulers will talk to each other and decide how to share the spectrum between 4G and 5G users based on traffic demand, and this decision will be updated dynamically in milliseconds level.
A lot of questions about UE support!

Short answers:

  • We got commitment from QC and Intel which is highlighted in the recent press release that first NR low band capable devices will support Ericsson spectrum sharing. We also got commitment from 3rd chipset vendor.
  • We have led 3GPP, showed our technology leadership and secure the ecosystem.
  • Low band NR important.
  • Maximize benefit of mid/high-band NR carrier.
  • NR services without adding new bands.
  • Ericsson Spectrum Sharing is Ericsson unique software solutions.
  • Spectrum can be shared instantaneously (per TTI) between LTE and NR.
  • Facilitate “soft” re-farming of LTE spectrum without impacting LTE performance.
  • Ericsson Spectrum Sharing is supported on ERS hardware.
  • Ericsson Spectrum Sharing can be deployed with Rel-15 devices.
  • Cooperation with major chipset vendors.
  • NR devices which does not support necessary functionality configured with LTE.
  • Instant Spectrum Sharing significantly improves maximum latency compared to Dynamic Spectrum Sharing traffic forecasting.

Contributor Sergey Vezenov, Instructor at Ericsson Academy Moscow

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