Ilya Smirnov

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Being an Instructor starting from 2014, Ilya knows well the customer’s needs and expectations and as a result course programs are always adapted for customer’s network and customer’s competence level. Now Ilya is focusing on CS Core (Native and Virtual), IMS and ENM.

Course Portfolio:


ENM/ Ericsson Network Manager, Python programming for ENM

CEE - Cloud Execution Environment

IoT Accelerator

User Data Consolidation (UDC)

Platforms – BSP8100, APG43L

Signaling/ SIGTRAN ADVANCED, MSS Signaling, SIP SIP-I Advanced in MSS

Circuit Switched Domain/ IP-STP, MSC-S, M-MGW, MRS, AMOS


20 years of Telecom and IT experience.

Space Engineering Academy – Engineering, St. Petersburg, Russia

During 2008-2014 worked as Ericsson Technical Support Engineer for CS Core domain.