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Ericsson for US Defense

Ericsson for US Defense

Ericsson 5G: delivering innovation at commercial speed to modernize defense Missions

The US Government’s digital modernization strategy requires powerful, open, reliable and secure communications networks that will provide the foundation for adoption of AI, Cloud, XR and other technologies. 5G and future Gs will be that foundation, and no other communications provider has the expertise, scale and proven solutions that will meet DoD mission requirements today, and partnership to ensure mission-critical communications for the future. 5G solutions from Ericsson give you the resilient, secure and proven network you need to command, control and communicate in mission-critical operations anytime, anywhere.

More than 50 %
Of the world’s 5G traffic runs on Ericsson networks*
157 live 5G networks
In 66 countries, more than any other vendor
2 X market share
Of other 5G suppliers in the USA
Nearly 150 years
As a global telecom leader
120 years
As a telecom provider in the USA
50 %
Of awarded mission critical networks globally
% 50 >
Of DoD 5G deployments include Ericsson equipment
1 st
Large scale 5G manufacturer in the USA

About Defense network requirements

Your force multiplier: Resilient and secure networks that meet mission requirements

Accelerate digital modernization programs with a 5G network that draws on Ericsson’s proven portfolio innovation and leadership. Partner with us to plan and implement every level of your 5G strategy – from mission-critical deployments at bases and other installations to the long-term DoD 5G for Future G plans.
Ericsson’s 5G platform:

  • 5G and private networks that are reliable, secure, open and interoperable
  • Advanced capabilities including network slicing, RedCap and more
  • Radios for every band and deployment scenario including support for Open RAN
  • Meeting stringent Department of Defense security requirements

What will 5G enable?

  • Real-time situational awareness across military operations
  • A secure and reliable network to deliver AI, AR and emerging technologies
  • Automated technologies that increase effectiveness, efficiency and safety in logistics and operations
  • Improved survivability and efficiency of personnel and equipment

Our broad portfolio of solutions plus our deep experience in both defense deployments and commercial deployments of dual-use technologies add up to an exponential advantage for you

Your force multiplier: Resilient and secure networks that meet mission requirements

Ericsson for Defense

Why Ericsson for the DoD?

Technology leadership: Ericsson is a pioneer in 5G and continues to lead the world in 5G innovation. With extensive R&D investment and partnership along with leadership in global standards groups, Ericsson is pushing the technology forward to 6G and beyond and will partner with the DoD to ensure mission requirements are included as future standards and product roadmaps are developed. Ericsson is a leader in cybersecurity innovation, contributing actively with public and private sectors, agencies and standards bodies.

We know Mission Critical Networks

We know Mission Critical Networks

From FirstNet to the THOR Emergency Response Vehicle, our long, successful history of deploying Mission Critical networks for government, public safety and critical infrastructure can give you peace of mind that Ericsson will support your mission, whatever it is. We partner with our Mission Critical customers to bring required capabilities to standards bodies and ensure continued alignment between 3GPP standards and MCN requirements such as 5G Multicast and Broadcast Services, 5G Proximity Services (ProSe), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Non terrestrial Networks (NTN).

Public safety

Critical infrastructure

Trusted 5G supplier to the US market

Ericsson’s extensive presence in the United States includes domestic R&D, manufacturing, training centers and over 8,000 employees and reveals a strong commitment to the country and securing the 5G supply chain for national defense. With twice the market share of any other supplier, our equipment is deployed in all 50 states and territories.

U.S.-based manufacturing and regional R&D enable full radio product development prototyping, introduction to mass production in North America.  The Ericsson USA  5G Smart Factory in Texas is a 150m+ investment in the US 5G supply chain. The factory is the first and largest US factory for manufacturing 5G base station radios and is currently manufacturing ~100 percent of the demand for the newest 5G basebands, mmwave and mid-band radios for US market. Our cutting edge 5G equipment is compliant with the Build America, Buy America provisions of the Infrastructure Law – 5G built in a US factory by US workers.

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Equipped to support your mission

Ericsson’s 5G portfolio is extensive, robust and prepared to help the DoD accelerate modernization and communication innovation. That’s not a theoretical claim. Our technological prowess has been proven through multiple successful U.S Defense deployments. We’ve partnered with the U.S. DoD on use cases including smart warehousing, depots and ports, flightline operations and training, distributed command and control, planning and training with Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Internet of Things (IoT), spectrum sharing and more.

Defense missions

Improve efficiency in warehouse operations

Timeliness, accuracy, security and safety are all part of efficient warehouse operations and required to accomplish missions sets in the constantly evolving threat landscape. 5G will enhance your capability by increasing automation and fidelity of identification, organization, storage, retrieval and transport of material and supplies.

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Secure airfields and flightline operations

Secure airfields and flightline operations

Leverage 5G to optimize aircraft maintenance using telemetry and automation, enhance training using AR/VR, use drones and robots to automate Foreign Object Detection (FOD) and perimeter protection.

Deploy networks where needed

Deploy networks where needed

Regardless of the situation on the ground, get robust network connectivity to the people and machines executing your mission. From remote training exercises to emergency response, deployable networks keep you connected.

US Navy ship

Improve operational efficiency in ports

Automate and enhance Navy and Coast Guard ports with enhanced data transfer between ship and pier side systems. Maintenance and operational data transfer will streamline maintenance and repairs, improve safety and reduce errors.

Supporting our personnel at home and overseas

With infrastructure deployed in more than 180 countries including over 150 live 5G networks in almost 70 countries, Ericsson is uniquely positioned to support and enable DoD’s “Operate Through” mission whenever personnel are deployed OCONUS. Our capability to operator robust and secure communications networks in challenging conditions has been tested and proven during real-world emergencies through the UN Rescue program.
Ericsson is a strong partner to U.S. Allies with multiple networks in all Five Eyes (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, U.K. and U.S.), support for NATO and the European Defense Fund initiatives (EDF).

Supporting our personnel at home and overseas

To secure the nation, secure your networks

Network security is national security. Ericsson has been a leader in securing 5G networks from day one, helping to develop international 3GPP security standardization. Ericsson is a trusted U.S. Government partner, advising, leading and contribution to the U.S. Government and DoD 5G security standardization, including zero trust architectures.

To secure the nation, secure your networks

Ericsson portfolio for defense

Commercial 5G for bases

Commercial 5G for bases

Extend commercial wireless networks onto US bases to boost productivity and quality of life for mobile users.

5G Private Networks

5G Private Networks

Deploy networks tailored to defense mission including advanced logistics and operations at  ports, airfields and warehouses, advance communication, telemedicine and training leveraging advanced XR, AI, IoT and cloud capabilities.

Tactical communications

Tactical communications

Improve operational security and resilience with deployable networks where there is no wireless coverage. These solutions support DoD operate through strategy.

view of US pentagon

Strategic consultation

Develop modernization strategy, test use cases with new devices, sensors, AI and cloud, develop technical requirements for trustworthy networks and technologies.

* outside of China