Anna Holm

“We’re in a wonderful place as a global company to take the high level of LGBTQ support provided at our headquarters in Sweden and make those same expectations a reality here in Texas and across the U.S.”
Anna Holm dancing at EGT

Legislation in Sweden already protects people’s sexual orientation and gender identification, so when Anna Holm moved from the Ericsson global headquarters in Kista to the North America headquarters in Plano, Texas, she knew she wanted to get involved with the LGBTQ & Allies employee resource group.

“We’re in a wonderful stance as a global company to apply the same level of expectation that we have at headquarters in Sweden and make that a reality here in Texas and in the U.S.,” Holm said.

Ericsson’s National Coming Out Day event in 2018 was Holm’s first major event with the ERG, where she led the “I’m coming out/I’m coming out as an ally” campaign. Married to a man, Holm makes a point not to “pass” as straight.

“I firmly believe that coming out is an act of activism,” Holm said. “It is statistically shown that as soon as someone realizes that a person they know and care for is of the community, they are going to change their potentially negative views or they are going to be more inclined to change their negative views toward LGBTQ people. That’s why I think it is incredibly important not to pass, even though you can.”

While this past year has seen monumental changes to policies and benefits, Holm also said that small moments can be just as memorable, such as a colleague coming up and asking honest and curious questions.

“I’m extremely proud to work for a company that allows those involved with LGBTQ & Allies to help Ericsson move forward in this area,” she said. “I’ve never been as proud to work for Ericsson as I have grown to be here in the U.S., and the ERG is a big part of that.

HRC Corporate Equality Index 2020: Anna Holm