Betsy Wilson

“I’ve worked at Ericsson for 35 years. As a lesbian and female working in a predominately male industry, it’s safe here. The HRC Corporate Equality Index is an external proof point of what Ericsson has done internally.”
Betsy wilson and wife at Dallas Pride Parade

The first female design engineer employed at Ericsson’s Jorvas, Finland, office, Betsy Wilson is also the co-founder of the LGBTQ & Allies employee resource group. Initially a co-chair of the group, Wilson now enjoys being an active member, participating in various events and collaborating with other ERGs.

“I’ve been very involved in the self-identification project of the ERG, looking into ways for our employees to self identify in a deeper way than as required by law,” Wilson said. “Ericsson has always been a frontrunner when it comes to things like this. However, we went from having it be implied that we are a diverse company to making it a driven mission.”

Wilson said that since she started at Ericsson 35 years ago, emphasis has been on good performance, not outward appearance or sexual orientation.

“In my experience, I would tell a prospective employee that as a 35-year employee, lesbian and female in a predominately male world, it’s safe here,” she said. “Their differences will be celebrated and utilized in a positive way.”

After working on a project with a new group in Seattle in which she was made comfortable to talk openly about who she was, Wilson decided she was not going to conceal herself to people outside of her team and close peers upon returning to Plano. 

“The HRC Corporate Equality Index is just an external marker of what Ericsson has always done internally,” she said. “This company is extremely progressive, and I have had the privilege of any and every opportunity I wanted. I’m so proud that Ericsson is leading the way.”