David Gifford Robinson

“Ericsson has made major improvements in support of the LGBTQ community. Completing the Corporate Equality Index, offering full transgender benefits and updating our Equal Opportunity statement to include gender expression and identity are vital steps in making Ericsson a more attractive employer to LGBTQ people.
David Gifford Robinson

When David Gifford-Robinson was looking at Ericsson as an employer a little over a year ago, he first went to the Ericsson website to make sure it had language indicating it was inclusive in its talent acquisition and then to the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index website to see if Ericsson was on the list. Though Ericsson wasn’t, Gifford-Robinson felt comfortable after speaking with LGBTQ+ employees.

“Through talking with people here, I did see that Ericsson walked the talk,” Gifford-Robinson said. “So, it was exciting for me when I came on board, and completing the Corporate Equality Index was one of the key priorities for 2019.”

When Gifford-Robinson accepted his position as sourcing diversity manager, expanding Ericsson’s supplier diversity program to include LGBT businesses was also a key priority.

“Being an inclusive employer that treats everyone equally drives business,” Gifford-Robinson said. “[LGBTQ & Allies] is having genuine impact on policies and procedures to make Ericsson a more attractive employer to our community. When we do things like complete the Corporate Equality Index, offer full transgender benefits, and update something as simple as our Equal Opportunity statement to add ‘gender expression and identity’ instead of just ‘sexual orientation’, we have the support across the organization that makes us a better employer.”

National Coming Out Day on October 11 was a particularly impactful moment to Gifford-Robinson, the current LGBTQ & Allies ERG co-chair. He participated in the “I’m Coming Out/I’m Coming Out as an Ally” campaign in which employees made slides showing their support either as an ally or member of the LGBTQ+ community.

“When I created a slide, that was the first time I’ve ever just put it out there—being able to feel comfortable and safe in this organization to share who I am, the full David.”