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Kevin Murphy

Vice President and Head of Customer Unit Levant Countries and Global Customer Unit Ooredoo at Ericsson Middle East & Africa
Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy holds the role of Head of Customer Unit for Levant Countries, overseeing operations in Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Qatar, and Syria, in addition to leading the Global Customer Unit for Ooredoo Group within Ericsson. He also serves as the Country Manager for Jordan. With over 30 years of international experience at Ericsson, Kevin has undertaken pivotal positions, notably driving Key Account Management initiatives across diverse markets like Egypt, Indonesia, Oman, and Malaysia. Moreover, he has contributed significantly as the Head of Industry Verticals Sales Support and has overseen the Managed Services Practice for Ericsson in the Northeast Asia region.

Kevin's extensive tenure underscores his expertise in service delivery across continents, particularly in Asia and Africa. His strategic leadership and deep understanding of Ericsson's business portfolio have been instrumental in driving growth and fostering strong client relationships.

He demonstrates exceptional skill in navigating diverse cultural landscapes and has a wealth of experience in effectively leading and managing teams with inclusivity and collaboration as core principles, all while striving to achieve objectives ethically. Kevin's results-oriented approach consistently emphasizes integrity, efficiency, effectiveness, and quality in all endeavors.

Kevin is a proud Irishman and enjoys spending quality time with his family, pursuing artistic interests such as music production and performance, embarking on adventurous travel, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.