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Mohamad Dergham

Vice President and Head of Levant and Global Customer Unit Ooredoo at Ericsson Middle East & Africa

Mohamad Dergham

Mohamad Dergham was appointed as Head of Levant and Global Customer Unit (GCU) Ooredoo within Ericsson market area Middle East and Africa since July, 2016. Dergham has direct responsibility over GCU Ooredoo Key Accounts in Kuwait, Oman and Qatar as well as Key Accounts in the levant countries, which includes: Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine and Afghanistan.

Dergham has been working in Ericsson for 19 years. His career with Ericsson began in Lebanon since 1998 as Head of a technical team in Region Middle East. Dergham has performed Business Development and sales activities in different countries across the region including several responsibilities in New and Key accounts in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan and Iraq. Later in 2011, Dergham was assigned as Ericsson Country Manager in Iraq. Since Jan, 2015 Dergham has been Heading Customer Unit North Middle East (Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Afghanistan and Syria) until 2016 where he was appointed as Head of GCU Ooredoo & Customer Unit Levant.

Prior to joining Ericsson, Dergham worked for several companies in the US and Canada in the field of HW/SW designs and Cell Planning and Optimization services.

Born in 1964, Dergham has a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering with a major in Telecom from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University.