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World Day for Cultural Diversity

World Day for Cultural Diversity 2015

International Women’s Day - 2018

Diversity Awareness Month 2019

International Men's Day

International Women’s Day – 2019

Diversity awareness month 2015

October is Global Diversity Awareness Month and we once again demonstrated our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We see the value in operating with greater cross-cultural understanding and feel the diversity of our workforce is one of our major strengths as a business.

Diversity Awareness Month

At Ericsson, we are over 110,000 people; over 160 different nationalities; we speak more than 190 different languages; and we live in 180 different countries. In October, we celebrated Global Diversity Awareness Month. Our goal was to remind everyone that Ericsson sees the real you.

We celebrate Diversity Awareness Month 

We are dedicated to nurturing a diverse and inclusive work environment. We strive to ensure equal treatment of all our employees regardless of sexual orientation or gender. We are committed to advancing women throughout our ranks and into leadership positions. And we want people of every ability to thrive. After all, making the Network Society accessible to everyone is extremely important to us.

It is this collective mix of individuals and cultures that informs our decision making, drives our innovation and makes us stand out from the competition.

Global Diversity Awareness Month is the perfect time for us to showcase our commitment to fostering and accepting an open environment for all. Throughout October, employees participate in both local and global activities including webinars, contests, social media activities and networking groups.

Learn more about our diverse and inclusive workforce on our World Map – and discover what makes YOU + Ericsson a powerful combination.