What does technology mean to todays’ girls?

Since 2011, International Girls in ICT Day has been celebrated in 150 countries around the world with more than 5,300 events featuring over 177,000 girls and young women. At Ericsson we invite girls that are interested in STEM and ICT to our events in many different countries, and we’re thrilled to celebrate again on 28 April 2016.

We asked todays' girls that are interested in or are working towards a career in ICT/STEM to tell us their stories. Stories about why technology is so attractive to them. Stories about how they will contribute towards the future world of technology.

Read their great quotes and experiences in this series of stories from girls all across the world. Follow the links to their blog post. More stories will be published in the months to come so please check back often to be inspired.

Sam A.

"Back then science was only fun, but now science is my way to give back. I choose science because I want to help and to heal people."

Marta G.

"Fortunately there are more and more companies like Ericsson that help with opportunities for young women."

Tessel H.

"You don't have to be incredibly good at it to participate. You just need to want to learn new things. 'Cause after all, my life in STEM has begun at the end of my comfort zone."

Sabrina M.

"Together we can help explore different ways of solving problems or sharing different points of view which can lead ICT/STEM towards even greater discoveries in the future."

Brenda C.

"I want to be part of that world, be one of the future leaders and innovators that keeps making the world go to new and better days."

Mariann C.

"I think ICT/STEM is fascinating because it gives me the tools to understand and to try to figure out ways to solve problems and help people in many different fields." 

Amanda M.

"Pursuing studies in STEM opens up so many possibilities to create, invent, build, research and contribute to our society's needs. STEM is all around us and is helping to improve our quality of life every day."

Saskia T.

"My experience in 10th Grade Robotics Class proved one important point: that robots and technology are not just for boys. ;-)"

Kate V.

"I have many ideas that I would love to maybe someday share and create new things. I want to explore virtual reality and holograms as they are quite amazing."

Gabi L. & Meghan A.

"ICT and STEM can change the world for girls because it teaches us new ways to use technology, helps us live up to our full potential."

Cynthia N.

"Yes, I am only eleven years old but I am totally capable of being a leader. I am also very capable of being a person who makes the world a better place."

Annie W.

"When I was really young I held the view that boys have the absolute competiveness in the field of technology and mathematics. However, it turned out I was very wrong in the end."

Cate T.

"Men and women do think differently, and I believe diversity is one of the most enriching things when it comes to ideas and the development of them."

Bella G.

"Science is inspiring and interesting because there are endless possibilities, there are new theories every day, and with one idea you can revolutionise the world."

Juliana P.

"Even in a short period of time while at Ericsson, I was able to realize that the ICT/STEM area is capable of changing the world through the connection of people from all around the globe."

Amanda P.

"Making every girl a strong individual and making us all working together: that is the future of ICT."

Alex A. Girls in ICT Day Blog

Alex A.

"I attended a national conference to propose a solution to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), in other terms #savethebees. This offered a way to merge both environmental science and public policy."

Mia H. Girls in ICT Day blog - Ericsson

Mia H.

"ICT and STEM have enticed me to learn more because of the hands on experiences such as coding, using a drone, and dissecting animals."

Emma E. Girls in ICT Day blog - Ericsson

Emma E.

"I myself am very interested in horses, and it would be fun to have a lot of technology in the stable such as being able to control the gates using a mobile phone!"

Li Y. Girls in ICT Day Blog

Li Y.

"Girls, throw away your dolls and make your own kinds of robots."

Thanvi G.

"In my opinion, science is an adventure in discovering the unknown."