Process steps and tips

Process flow

Tips for diverse suppliers

Know your prospects

  • Know our business, our industry challenges and our corporate goals and strategies. Do your homework!
  • Be sure you are prepared – you only get one first impression.  Know who our customers and competitors are.  Ensure your materials including capability statements, websites and similar are current and reflect a company that Ericsson would trust to partner with.

Have a compelling value proposition

  • Help us know and understand what makes you different.  Show us why you are not just another supplier or contractor.
  • Be prepared with examples, white papers and facts that show value added to other companies.

Be persistent, but patient

  • Formal procurement needs are sourced on a schedule. Some opportunities will take 2-5 years to come around again.
  • Listen to what we say and follow out processes.  Keep in contact with the Ericsson supplier diversity manager and any internal contacts given to you. Show your interest. Update us on changes or expanded capabilities for your company.
  • Strive to build relationships.

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