Unlocking the Value: Machine Learning and IoT at Ericsson D-Fifteen


Discover the challenges and opportunities of IoT and ML

For July’s IoT studio event, industry experts were invited to a panel discussing how IoT and Machine Learning work together to create business value, moderated by Daniel Elizalde, Head of IoT, Ericsson North America. Some of the key takeaways included the importance of focusing on solving customer problems as opposed to focusing solely on the technology. Further, because of the complexity of building IoT solutions, they require collaboration of an ecosystem of companies. Companies are not willing, or skilled, to design, deliver and manage a complex IoT solution alone.

Around 200 people from companies of all sizes and industry verticals attended the evening event at Ericsson D-Fifteen. Guests enjoyed networking activities, food, an Apple Watch raffle, and a Machine Learning and IoT panel.

Erik Ekudden, Ericsson CTO, gave his opening remarks before Daniel Elizalde, Head of IoT, Ericsson North America, introduced the panel and topic. Featured panelists were all Machine Learning experts from top companies, representing the end-to-end IoT technology stack:

  • Soledad Alborno – Global Product Director, Transportation and AI, Intel.
  • Jessica Groopman – Industry Analyst & Founding Partner, Kaleido Insights
  • Teresa Tung – Managing Director, Accenture Labs.

New opportunities

The panel talked about how the IoT evolution have gone from connected machines and devices, to smart ones, and now autonomous sensors. This evolution does not only make existing business processes more efficient, but also opens up for new business opportunities. Here, Ericsson and 5G enable devices to generate a lot more data, a lot faster, and brings critical decision making closer to the device through edge compute technology.

The importance of trust

When talking about the challenges that companies are likely to face when starting their journey within Machine Learning and IoT, the panel mentioned trust as a key component. Handling the IoT product lifecycle is very complex, and requires trust in three dimensions; internally, between the company and the end user, and lastly across your partners – the ecosystem needs to align and take a more active role in the co-creation process.

Further, the panel emphasized the importance of having a product mindset – to focus on the business problem you are trying to solve and work together with the ecosystem to bring the greatest possible value to your end customer.


Daniel Elizalde - Vice President for IoT North America at Ericsson

Daniel Elizalde

Vice President for IoT North America at Ericsson

Daniel Elizalde heads the Ericsson IoT studio in Silicon Valley. He has over 18 years of experience managing the lifecycle of IoT products in many industries, including manufacturing, automotive and renewable energy. Before joining Ericsson, Daniel worked as an IoT product coach helping Executives and Product Leaders develop a successful IoT product strategy. Daniel has trained over 1,200 professionals around the world on his approach to IoT strategy and he teaches IoT strategy and product management at Stanford University.

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Soledad Alborno - Global Product Director, Transportation and AI at Intel

Soledad Alborno

Global Product Director, Transportation and AI at Intel

Soledad is Product Director for Intelligent Transportation in the Internet of Things Group at Intel. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry defining new markets and innovative products with cutting edge technology, she is responsible for the segment strategy and product line definition, working with partners in the ecosystem to evolve and transform mobility with the power of artificial intelligence and IOT. Her work is oriented to improve the life of people in the cities, starting with transportation systems, digital fleets and intelligent infrastructure.

Before IoT, Soledad was a Product Manager in True Key, an innovative identity solution that she grew to 2M users. She also worked building the start of the technology we use every day to communicate over the Internet and to talk to friends using our phones and PCs in companies like Nimbuzz and Motorola. Her motto is to improve the life of people around the world with new technology. 

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Jessica Groopman - Industry Analyst & Founding Partner at Kaleido Insights

Jessica Groopman

Industry Analyst & Founding Partner at Kaleido Insights

Jessica Groopman is Founding Partner & Industry Analyst at Kaleido Insights, a boutique research and advisory firm specializing in emerging technologies. Jessica leads the automation practice, conducts research on product, service, and process automation driven by artificial intelligence, IoT, and blockchain, and specializes inuser experience and data integrity. She has been principal analyst with Tracticawhere she contributed to their automation and robotics practice, research director with Harbor Research, industry analyst with Altimeter Group, among other research firms. Jessica is a keynote speaker at emerging technology industry events, and frequent contributor to blogs, books, and/media outlets. She has also served as contributing member of the International IoT Council, the IEEE’s Internet of Things Group, IoT Guru Network, and FC Business Intelligence’s IoT Nexus Advisory Board. Jessica was also included in Onalytica’s list of the 100 Most Influential Thought Leaders in IoT.Before she worked in business and technology research, Jessica’s research experience was basedmostly in academic anthropological fieldwork, specifically in ethnographic, linguistic, and archaeological research both in the United States and abroad.

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Teresa Tung

Managing Director at Accenture Labs

Teresa Tung is a Managing Director in Accenture Labs responsible for its global Software & Platforms R&D group whose projects include semantic modeling, edge analytics, and robotics. Teresa leads her team in evaluating best-of-breed next-generation software architecture solutions from industry, start-ups and academia for relevance to Accenture and its clients, then building experimental prototypes and delivering pioneering pilot projects.

Accenture’s most active inventor with over 150 patents filed or granted, Teresa has had several leadership roles in her career with Accenture. In previous roles, she led Accenture Labs research and development activities for Cloud, Big Data, the Internet of Things and APIs, creating a wide range of key assets that are still in use across Accenture and with clients today.

Teresa holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley. She is based in Accenture’s San Francisco Innovation Hub.

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