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Ericsson D-15 IoT Studio is where the Internet of Things come to life at Ericsson in Silicon Valley. It combines the latest 5G connectivity, IoT hardware, software and analytics, lab space, plus business and technical experts to co-create compelling solutions that move the needle. In addition to being a place for events and meetups, it’s also the perfect space for developers and startups to come to work on the next big thing in IoT.

Watch Shannon Lucas, Head of Emerging Business Global Customer Unit, share a behind-the-scenes look at the technology and expertise powering the Ericsson D-15 IoT Studio.

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How it works

Sticky notes

1. Dare creatively

Embracing a start-up approach, our team of seasoned IoT product managers, business modeling pros, engineers, and designers work with you to accelerate ideas from concept to minimum viable product (MVP).

2. Design jointly

Together with our team experts, you can refine challenges in user-centric workshops designed to understand the needs of your end user. Rapid prototyping drives development, leveraging lo-fi sketches and cardboard mock-ups to create early-stage models.

3. Deliver completely

After extensive testing and user-driven iteration, we work collectively within our ecosystem, to develop the commercial possibilities of the MVP and build strategies on how to bring it to market.

How IoT can revolutionize your industry

IoT technology is reshaping industry potential. Smarter machines, lightning-speed wireless operations with reliable, secure infrastructure and access to real time information that can transform the way your company operates. Come and be inspired – learn how you can advance your industry together with us at D-15 IoT Studio.

Ericsson Connected Vehicles

The automotive experience is reimagined through an integrated service ecosystem powered by Ericsson technology. Our services enable industry stakeholders to establish, manage, deliver and secure connected transport services from any point on the globe.

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Smart Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is the next generation of manufacturing solutions. Merging current capabilities with advanced Industrial IoT service – empowered with ultra-low latency 5G – the outcome delivers a significant competitive advantage through greater efficiency, increased performance, and improved productivity.

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Meet the team

Daniel Elizalde
Vice President for IoT North America

Daniel Elizalde heads the Ericsson IoT studio in Silicon Valley. He has over 18 years of experience managing the lifecycle of IoT products in many industries, including manufacturing, automotive and renewable energy.

Before joining Ericsson, Daniel worked as an IoT product coach helping Executives and Product Leaders develop a successful IoT product strategy.

Daniel has trained over 1,200 professionals around the world on his approach to IoT strategy and he teaches IoT strategy and product management at Stanford University.

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Kushala Silva
Head of Development

Kushala Silva leads the technology division of IoT studio for Ericsson. In this capacity, Kushala is responsible for delivering next generation IoT, AI capabilities leveraging Ericsson’s 5G & 3GPP technologies. Kushala also works closely with telecommunications carriers and the Silicon Valley startup community to build sustainable IoT Solutions. He was previously an adjunct professor of Project and Program Management at the University of Cincinnati.

He has a track record of leading teams working with technology and innovation, more specifically towards the IoT, Edge and AI space, at companies such as VMWare, Procter & Gamble and Coca Cola. Providing his thought-leadership and digital innovation expertise, he has led numerous successful innovations, among those are IoT capability for Coca-Cola globally and a commercial innovation for P&G, “Raising an Olympian”, for the London Olympics 2012 campaign.

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Liia Sarjakoski
Head of IoT Ecosystem IoT Studio

Liia Sarjakoski is an experienced innovation and partnerships leader who is passionate about guiding enterprises on their digital transformation journeys, and unleashing the power of diverse ecosystems for doing so.

Liia first started working on IoT technologies at Nokia while building and launching a set of Industrial IoT solutions for transportation, energy and public sector, utilizing technology stacks like IoT, 5G and AI. Earlier career includes launching a location insights service which responsibly utilizes massive-scale telecom data, launching and running technology scouting partner programs for an innovation center, and helping to establish new-paradigm product security and privacy practices for the company globally.

Liia holds a Masters in Computer Science from Aalto University where she specialized in internet stechnologies, cybersecurity, and business. Today, she leads IoT Studio’s ecosystem programs at Ericsson, working with the partner ecosystem on customer-centric digital transformation solutions with novel business models.

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Ranjit Damoradan
Business Model Monetization Strategy Manager

Ranjit is a results-driven business leader with over 12 years of experience in the technology industry. At the IoT Studio, he is responsible for developing the monetization strategy and driving business model innovations for IoT solutions developed jointly with partners. Ranjit joins the Studio team from inCode, Ericsson’s internal strategy consulting group, where he advised leading U.S. operators, OEMs, investment trusts, private equity firms on all aspects of technology strategy, including innovation, new product development, go-to-market strategy, M&A, new business launches, and growth.

Ranjit holds an MBA from the Darden School of Business, and he also has a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, India. Prior to joining Ericsson, he worked at IBM for over 8 years across roles spanning business operations, corporate planning, capacity management, and software development.


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Bryan Halvenstein

Bryan Havenstein
Server Cloud Native Developer

Bryan is new to the IoT world and recently joined the team as a server/cloud native developer. He has been part of Ericsson since 1998, having held many varying roles including software developer, tester, project manager, and architect. He has worked in several locations and units in the US and Sweden and comes to the IoT Studio from the Ericsson Cloud Manager development team, where he worked as platform architect. He has high interest in streamlining build and deployment chains and continuous integration design, implementation and process as well as working toward fully virtualized, cloud-native software, which he is looking forward to applying to Ericsson's IoT products and solutions.

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Douglas Boling

Douglas Boling
IoT Solution Architect

Doug joins Ericsson with 25 years of experience in the IoT space as a consultant, speaker and author. He has worked a number of companies in the IoT space such as Microsoft, Rockwell, HP, FedEx, Agilent and Motorola. His book, "Programming Microsoft Windows CE" was published by Microsoft Press in four editions. Before his work in IoT, Doug was a contributing editor to PC Magazine and Microsoft's MSDN Magazine as well as an engineer at IBM where he worked on everything from personal computer software to combat systems for nuclear submarines. When not working, Doug loves to swim, bike and downhill ski.

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