At Ericsson, we are making the Networked Society a reality, where anything that can benefit from being connected is connected. To realize this vision, we provide industry-leading network equipment and software, as well as services for network and business operations. Our portfolio also includes products for the enterprise, cable, mobile platform and power module markets.

Our products and services


A society is only as strong as its connections. And those connections need reliable networks. Mobile communications – and particularly mobile broadband – are at the heart of today’s Networked Society. Ericsson is the world’s biggest supplier of mobile networks, chosen by around half of the world’s operators with commercial mobile broadband networks.

The leader in the development and deployment of LTE systems around the world, Ericsson is also continuing research into innovative solutions for GSM, which still provides voice and data services for billions of people; WCDMA, which brought mass mobile broadband to the world; and CDMA, which now provides cost-effective mobile-data connections. And our mobile broadband modules are connecting a growing range of devices, systems and even vehicles to the internet.

Besides mobile networks, Ericsson is a strong player in core networks, microwave transport, Internet Protocol (IP) networks and fixed-access solutions for copper and fiber. In addition, we keep these networks running at optimal efficiency with our portfolio of operations support systems (OSS).

With communications playing an increasing role in our Networked Society, communications networks are expanding beyond the traditional telecom sphere.

Our energy-efficient networks and solutions are contributing to sustainable growth for societies around the world by making telecommunications accessible and affordable for all.

Networks account for about 55 percent of Ericsson’s net sales.


People are at the heart of our services business: 57,000 professionals in 180 countries, including more than 20,000 employees outsourced to Ericsson in managed services contracts. Most of our customers are operators, but we also work with other adjacent industries such as TV and media, public safety and utilities.

We combine local capabilities with global expertise. That means we base our competence and delivery resources close to our customers, while our global processes, methods and tools allow us to move our competences anywhere in the world, making the most of global learning and knowledge-sharing.

Our four Global Services Centers – in China, India, Mexico and Romania – house Global Network Operation Centers, which in combination with our local and regional centers manage networks for 900 million subscribers. The Global Services Centers also develop competence to support our regional service-delivery organizations in delivering professional services for the ICT sector in areas such as complex consulting, IT, systems integration, network rollout and customer support.

With our people, processes and partnerships, we help customers expand their businesses and keep pace with the latest industry developments. Operators can maximize network quality and performance, and focus on their customers, by having Ericsson integrate equipment from multiple vendors, handle multi-technology change programs, design and integrate new solutions, and manage their operations.

Our services business accounts for about 40 percent of Ericsson’s net sales. We are also among the world’s top 10 IT services providers ( and Ovum’s ICT services market-share report).

Support solutions

The rise of mobile data usage to more than 20MB per day per smartphone, an increasing number of devices, and more complex new services and applications are challenging operators’ customer experience management systems. This calls for a rapid transformation of networks, processes and operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS) to cope with new services and price plans.

Business Unit Support Solutions develops and delivers software-based solutions for OSS/BSS, TV and media solutions, as well as solutions and services for the emerging m-commerce ecosystem.

With the increased need for operators to rapidly respond to changing consumer demands and the requirement for greater experience, efficiency and innovation, OSS/BSS are a key element of any operator’s network and business strategy. Ericsson consolidates its position as a leading player in the OSS/BSS market with key positions in service fulfillment, assurance, network optimization and real-time charging, as well as significant capabilities to support operators end-to-end. An essential part of an operator’s overall enterprise architecture is service enablement, which allows the operators and brokered assets from partners to become part of the digital services ecosystem. This therefore makes service enablement an integral part of OSS/BSS and the network.

As devices become increasingly connected, so do the consumers that use them. This creates tremendous opportunities for the TV and media industry. The power of social interaction and aggregation of compelling content is in the hands of the service provider. In addition, within five years, 50 percent of the mobile data traffic will be video content. In TV and media, Ericsson is committed to enabling operators and content owners efficiently deliver and monetize video content through experience-rich multiscreen TV services. As the increase in global broadband connectivity enables consumption of more video content on more devices, the challenges and opportunities in this growth sector continue.

Ericsson predicts the m-commerce industry to process more than USD 1,000 billion globally by 2018. In this market, Ericsson’s ambition remains unchanged; to accelerate access and interconnection between the m-commerce ecosystem and the existing financial world. Ericsson’s evolved m-commerce strategy reflects the understanding that a focus on fast-tracking access to the ecosystem rather than scaling an Ericsson-branded consumer service is the most effective way to bring our experience as a technology enabler to our partners.