Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative

We work with the Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative to help young people who have lived through conflict and violence learn how to create positive change.

As Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative (WPDI) technology partner, we provide ICT equipment and work together with mobile operators to enable connectivity and internet access for the network of computer-equipped Community Learning Centers (CLCs) that WPDI develops in remote areas. We also deliver comprehensive virtual and face-to-face education in ICT and professional skills, based on our Connect to Learn concept.

The WPDI provides a unique approach to working with young people that begins with training in mediation and conflict transformation before shifting focus to developing life skills and vocational skills in ICT and entrepreneurship. In the next stage, the youth receive mentoring support and seed funds to help them learn to develop and manage educational projects and small businesses tailored to meet the needs of their communities.

WPDI has positively impacted approximately 250,000 people to date through its youth training programs, CLCs, peace education in schools, advocacy campaigns and community projects led by the youth.

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